Wrapping Technology

All kind of wrapping technology PVC, CPL, HPL, and veneer:
PVC wrapping: a replacement white product instead of wood, which could be used in outdoor
applications as they won’t be ruined or splitted apart and don’t need painting. In addition, they are
resistant to white ants, insects, and water.

• CPL wrapping: creative laminations merged under heat and high pressure and they are suitable for profile wrapping. They are available in the wanted sheet length or in constant rolls.
• HPL wrapping: durable attractive material which are ideally suited for vertical and horizontal surfaces as well.
• Veneer wrapping: we provide two types of wood veneers: natural hardwood and reconstituted veneers. Natural wood veneers differ in virtue of its density, process, and application. Wood veneers come in five key categories: natural wood veneer, engineered veneer, backed veneer, veneer rolls, and specialty and rare veneer.